1. LUCKY 50

Produced in one of the most ecologically clean region of the Eastern Europe.

The plant is located in the Western Ukraine, near the Carpathian Mountains, where there is practically no industrial production. This region is famous for its centuries-old pine forests with healing air, crystal clear mountain rivers and numerous springs of mineral water. Also Ukraine has always been famous for its wheat fields and wheat is the main raw material for production of Lux Spirit (A1 alcohol).
Nature itself created all the conditions for the production of high quality vodka LUCKY 50.


100% of Lux Spirit (A1 grain alcohol)

Ukraine is famous for its fertile black-earth and fields where rich crops of first-grade wheat grow. Vodka LUCKY 50 is produced of 100% of Lux Spirit (A1 grain alcohol), which undergoes fivefold rectification. This pure ethyl alcohol has its name for a reason. There are practically no fusel oils and aldehydes that cause a hangover; ethyl has a balanced flavor and is used exclusively for the production of premium types of vodka.


"Life-giving" water from an artesian well

The second major component in the production of vodka is water. For the production of LUCKY 50 vodka there is used specially prepared softened water from artesian wells. It is not being boiled and distilled because such a tratment disrupts the crystal lattice and “kills” the water.
Water for the production of LUCKY 50 vodka passes through four levels of cleaning and special water treatment, during which the hardness salts and trace elements are removed from it. Water remains “alive” and delicious! On the structural level and degree of softness it is similar to the natural spring water.


Soft harmonious taste of classic vodka

Before bottling our vodka is filtered through a tiered system of columns of quartz filters and birch wood charcoal filters. After this vodka is ‘resting’ for three days in blend tanks. This time is necessary to complete the integration process of the molecules of water and alcohol in the quiescent state, without any external influence. Because of this vodka LUCKY 50 has a distinctive mild taste. Another outstanding feature of vodka LUCKY 50 is its versatility. Due to its high-quality components, it has a clean, harmonious, purely vodka taste without other savors. This will help LUCKY 50 to become the number one choice for cocktails and mixes in HoReCa establishments.  Vodka LUCKY 50 is also ideal for use in its pure form. Her soft, velvety taste will be appreciated by lovers of classic vodka in the whole world.


Premium quality at an affordable price

Our company offers for sale of premium quality vodka at a great price! Each order is calculated individually. Depending on the size of the order, payment terms, delivery terms, the price may vary.
We invite you to the mutually beneficial cooperation!
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